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Challenges and Issues faced by Women

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What is that one thing, that we being a woman consider a hindrance to our dreams, to our capabilities or to our
Here we are going to discuss about those challenges & issues faced by women at work, home,college and school.

The very fact that we are “Woman” is actually the cause of those hindrance.

SInce the inception of humankind,the women weren’t treated the way they are being treated today. Some societal structures that was formed due to familial crisis, assigned the roles to women as well as men. These factors are:

  • Prejudices
  • Women are less competent and weak.
  • Women are born to handle household chores.
  • Women need to treat the man (male) with utmost dignity and respect as they earn bread and provides protection


Many of us wouldn’t agree to that and will begin to quote examples of all those women who are doing extraordinarily well in their respective fields. This is where we need to correct ourselves; we tell people that women are doing well, despite of showing them that how well we can face any challenges, come what may.

Challenges and issues that are faced by women are somewhere the inevitable part of their lives. Crossing all the geographical barriers, this is the only thing that has remained stagnant worldwide. We can’t vanish it completely but we can lessen the impact that it has on women and their lives. The “prejudices” attached to a woman are one of the factors creating an obstacle to her growth.

challenges & issues faced by women.
women issues and challenges isn’t only hers, its of the whole society


Let’s get back to the time when our grandmothers were young, beautiful and energetic.

The way they handled the family of dozens of people, irrespective of seeking recognition or value for the same, she worked every day harder with such resilience.

This shows that women can do anything if she determines to do it. But, alas! the people and society had already decided the role and the purpose of her life, the day she was born.

This made her accept the rules and believe, that “the world works like this”. Just because sometimes they overthink that doesn’t mean they are less competent. Its just that they are scared of making mistakes that would question her capabilities.


Yes, this is the harsh truth of patriarchal society wherein women have to treat men with respect and not even question them eve if they are wrong.Doing household chores, looking after the fields or cattle if they had any, managing children and parents and being available at the beck and call of the family. Although these were the concern few decades back but today women are facing these issues with a changed frame and a picture. And even today they have to be submissive to the masculine gender.

challenges & issues faced by women
challenges and issues faced by women


Challenges in a woman life starts at the time when she is born, she is been given dolls and kitchen set as per the “patriarchal rule book”, which for the fact, we all have to abide by.

When they get bit younger, they are stopped from going out and even if they are allowed, they need to have proper dress code for that. Some restrictions are imposed on them such as talk less or don’t hang out with male friends.

All this has contributed in narrowing down their confidence and personality. Even after having in-depth knowledge on a particular field or topic, they become hesitant to answer. Cross questioning shatters their confidence totally, as they feel that they made a wrong point even if they were correct.

“An appearance and public engagement, at every level in human life has a major role to play in their learning and confidence building


Whatsoever it’s very overwhelming to find some family, some girls and some women who are breaking rules and making new ones, for all those girls or women who are still struggling with societal norms. Even after making a mark in the society with their achievements, these women are still expecting to get the recognition what the other gender is getting for the same role and the same achievement.

As per the data the working women who are in the age bracket of 30-40 years have taken a career break due to maternity or increasing family responsibilities ,also see women in the workforce, this has lead to lesser number of women holding positions at higher level in the organization and eventually made the patriarchal analysis more true and profound, “that women aren’t as much efficient as Men.”

challenges & issues faced by women.
Challenges and issues faced by women- United we win


But the time is changing and step by step we are making improvements in the rules that don’t have a logical spine to carry the unbiased society.The power for making change is coming from all the remarkable women who knows, that for the betterment of the world, we need to unite and fight the battle in unison until its won.

WOMAN knows that if she is the problem, she can only be the SOLUTION. Because every problem has a solution hidden inside it, just somebody has to discover it.”

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Priya Jha


Hey readers, I am a SEO manager by profession. I love to write about SEO and women issues. If you have queries about any of them, you can come here.


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