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Stop Overthinking at workplace-Practice to Not Practice Overthinking

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Mindful | 0 comments

Thinking about something for long can be exhausting. And we need to develop a Practice to not practice overthinking at workplace.
Most women at their workplaces have so much to overthink, even if that doesn’t worth their time and energy. For instance, if they need help from somebody , they wont directly go to them and ask for help. As they think that this would make them look bad, incompetent or dumb.

This happens because, it took women decades to create their place in this patriarchal society by facing immense challenges and issues and somewhere they don’t want the society to think that they are weak, less competent and dumb just by asking some ‘silly’ questions. This made some women to speak less, to act less to present their views less as they (women) presume their idea could not be at par to their male colleagues .

Lack of confidence

Even these women are ready to waste their efforts by using hit and trial methods to get their work done, but could not gain enough confidence to ask for help to anyone in the office. These self created opinions , views and thoughts are catastrophic for the growth and only leads to diminished confidence and efficiency.

In fact according to the research, asking for help can actually paint us in a more positive light. While it may feel like we are exposing our vulnerabilities in the workplace, people are less likely to judge us based on our imperfections than we may think. And even if they do so, what’s wrong in seeking help if we feel it is deterring our work efficiency.

Moreover it doesn’t stop here , the art of overthinking could bring with it many trivial excuses like “What if I ask for help and get rejected?” ,”What if somebody agrees to help and doesn’t enjoy doing so?”

Practice to not practice overthinking at workplace
Practice to not practice overthinking

Fear of hearing ‘NO’

The fear of hearing “No “ can hold us back from reaching out ,especially if we think someone else has lot of their plate. Research says that people are not only willing to help us than we may realize, but will also put in more effort than we may expect. And even if they say “No” , then why to take it personal. This “No” could be because they might be overloaded or might be having some meeting or anything important on their way. Instead of blaming self, one should be smart and matured enough to find other ways to help oneself.

Benefits of helping others

Sometimes it happens that someone agrees to help, but they wont enjoy doing that. While it is easy to focus on the costs we might be imposing on someone, we also often overlook how they may benefit from helping us. Research finds that doing someone a favor triggers good feelings also called as “warm glow” –as well as a sense of social connection. This means that if you are giving someone a chance to lend you a helping hand , could actually help lift their mood. That could have mutual benefits.

Build Constructive thoughts

We need to develop thoughts that are constructive and help us evolve in every manner. Overthinking happens only when we are skeptical about issues that are triggering our emotions.So women in that case it’s better to think about yourselves before thinking about how your boss, colleagues or your friends are going to react. Reaching out for help is not going to define you and your capabilities, it’s an art of accepting people to help you. And if , we are helping someone, we need to be cautious to not let that person feel uncomfortable in expressing the doubts and concerns.


So, BE CONFIDENT AND BE RESPECTFUL as this is the only way by which we all can grow together

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Priya Jha


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